UnlockYourBlock wasn’t born by chance!

One of the reasons why I help other women thrive in their careers and people-first company grow is that… up until a few years ago, I wasn’t thriving or growing.

I worked hard and even progressed but without a plan or questioning if I was going in the right direction. Now, I know this attitude can only lead to burnout and unfulfillment.

Instead of living on autopilot, I believe we all deserve to work purposefully and unlock our full potential.

I’m Tia Castagno. Here’s how I went from burnout to energy, going from a lack of control to becoming the Queen of My Hustle

As a high achiever, I did everything by society’s book: graduated with top grades, got a Master’s degree, landed a corporate job (media & advertising), and started climbing the ladder.

By the time I reached my early thirties, though, I had turned into a full-blown workaholic.

My Blackberry (remember those?) was an extension of my arm, and I was always available – late evenings, weekends, lunches… and what even is an out-of-office mode during holidays?!

Sadly, not even my father’s tragic suicide was a wake-up call. In fact, I didn’t tell work! I threw myself even more into it to cope with my loss. This unavoidably led to a deep state of paralysing anxiety within six months.

That was it. Something had to change. But what? And most importantly: in what direction?

I hadn’t got the helping hand that UnlockYourBlock now is to others. So, I spent years trying to figure it all out with some trial and error.

Yoga and meditation helped me massively, though, so I decided to become qualified and started teaching in my free time. To feed my academic heart, I also began delivering keynotes as a side hustle.

Instead of being constantly drained, that’s when I started feeling this new energy and taking it to work. No wonder my career progressed more than when I was pulling those unsustainable 16-hour days!

I then became an executive and landed C-suite roles at some top global communications networks.

Things were definitely getting better… and yet it still didn’t feel like my career. I could sense an underlying feeling of unfulfillment whenever I stopped to think about my job.

Plus, even though I had made some progress as a recovering workaholic, I was still missing too many precious moments when I became a parent.

That called for much deeper self-development work with other teachers and coaches to tackle my emotions and limiting beliefs.

Once I removed the blocks that were holding me back, the real shift happened. I stopped looking for outside transformations (you know, changing bosses, jobs, or even countries) and focused on my inner energy.

This led to some groundbreaking but conflicting discoveries:

corporate life wasn’t for me (although I still didn’t know what I wanted to do)
the thought of giving up my safe salary and seniority terrified me
I felt reckless and ungrateful for thinking of ‘wasting’ all my corporate experience

Then came the longed-for epiphany that allowed everything to make sense: shaping the corporate world into a better place and helping other mid-career women find their purpose after… unlocking their blocks (sounds familiar, right?).

I could carve my own path and become in charge of my career and life (in fact, I started to be known as the Queen of My Hustle)
I could begin this project as a side hustle and build a portfolio career
I could use my background and decades of corporate experience to help others go through similar life and career transitions

And that’s exactly how UnlockYourBlock came about.

Queen of My Hustle programmes for corporate women feeling stuck

I use scientifically-based tools to bridge the connection between heart and mind:

  • Reducing stress

    Increasing resilience

  • Unlocking your natural guidance to make better choices

  • Allowing you to access your creativity and get into flow state more often

  • Increasing the amount of time you spend in optimum performance

I enable you to develop long-lasting mental fitness by working on key brain areas or ‘muscles’:
  • Weakening the saboteurs by training the relevant interceptor to catch and reduce negative thoughts
  • Strengthening the sage powers to produce positive emotions and attitudes
  • Improving your self-command to face new challenges confidently
I’m an ICF Professional Certified Coach with +20 years of both corporate and entrepreneurial experience.
So you’ll get to:
  • Benefit from my unique professional background
  • Know that you are trusting a consultant approved by the #1 coaching institute and who’s in the top 5% of executive coaches worldwide


"It was clear from the moment we engaged Tia that she was truly invested in our team's success. Tia truly understood what we wanted to accomplish and the landscape we were navigating. In concert with in-depth assessments, strategic tactical tools, and on-going coaching she was a"le to identify some blind spots and untapped strengths we could pull from. She has a great attitude and was a pleasure to work with. Recommend without hesitation.
- Melissa Fry (Director of People & Operations)
"As professional, Tia brings the perfect mix of intelligence, energy and enthusiasm. Most recently I have worked with Tia and her business, Unlock Your Block - the programs she offers are inspiring, the content is rich, and the outcomes have been both actionable and impactful for our business and our employees. Perhaps most importantly Tia has been able to develop an offering that truly stands out from the market norm, something that simply works - Tia has been able to do all this, while ensuring every offering across UYB is delivered and run in a way that embodies all the notable personal qualities that has made her a success in her own life. She is truly inspiring, an unstoppable force, and someone I couldn't give higher praise!"
- James Upson (Media & Tech Professional) MD Adnami
"Tia has been a close advisor as I’ve taken Intanify from an idea to a VC-backed high calibre team focused on execution. She has always made me think about people issues in a different perspective. I have found this invaluable. I intend for my growing team to also benefit from her expertise and programs like the business retreat."
- Dylan Dryden (Intanify Co-founder & CEO) NED
"I had the pleasure of working with Tia as my leadership coach, helping the LIONS Marketing Team. Tia's Structured and personalized approach, combined with her extensive knowledge and prior corporate leadership experience, made her stand out. She helped us navigate some professional challenges and the tools she provided have also an impact in personal life"
- Jose Carmona Orbeza (Marketing Director) Cannes Lions
"I was able to experience Tia in her element, as a coach and facilitators during one her workshops offered at my company. She was insightful, engaging, and gave us tools to help stop, reset and examine the natural tendencies that we all have that limit our own potential. It was great to have the opportunity to appreciate that we all have things that limit our leadership, and learn how to navigate them in a real world setting so we can change our patterns."
- Kerry Ross (Leadership Coach) Starcom
"Tia has done an exceptional job and fully delivered to my brief. She ran the inspirational workshop with 20+ people in the room, including a deep dive into self-leadership and strategies for delivering our own personal and business expectations. Tia meticulously prepared for the session and her workshop style and presentation was a great example of a true professional in action. Thank you Tia for inspiring us!
- Gordana Buccisano (SSenior Direcotr) LinkedIn
"On behalf of all Team Dentsu Sweden - huge thanks again for your inspiring contribution on stage today in front of more than 800 CMOs and other key industry stakeholders"
- Mattias Behrer (CEO) Dentu Aegis Netowrk
"I recently organised some sales training for my team with Tia which was fantastic... I would absolutely recommend the course for any Managers out there. I think the key differentiator of this course is the focus on the mental approach to sales training. Really great course, would fully recommend!"
- Chris Porter (Executive Director) New York Times
"Tia gave a fantastic presentation... all about how to be a trusted leader. Tia provided us with some great takeaways and some incredibly interesting insights on her own journey and how she helps others today"
- Sophie Harrington (Conference Producer) Haymarket
"I have been working with Tia as my executive coach over the last 8 months and I could not recommend her enough. Tia has been instrumental in my growth and development through the use of tools and offering different perspecitives to approach situations. In addition to providing a corporate perspective, Tia has a unique quality to humanize every experience and situation and, to me, that is what sets her apart from other executive coaches I have had. Tia makes going through the "work" of applying tools and skills less academic and more relatable which has led me to adapt and apply what I have learned in real life situations thus helping me to be a more effective leader."
- Julie Dalonzo (Senior VP) AdWeek Winner

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Together, we can make an impactful change to your career or business.